NCR Nicotine Reinforcer RDA

NCR Nicotine Reinforcer RDA

Product Features:

  • Coil-Free Design – This will be a big advantage for beginners who are new to custom coil rebuilding. The NCR RDA allows you to enjoy a Sub-Ohm RDA with the use of revolutionary Wafers as a substitute for resistance coils.
  • Self Cleaning Mechanism – You can now easily clean and taste a fresh RDA to produce more flavor by doing a simple Dry Burn of 30-40 watts in just a matter of seconds.
  • Translucent Top Cap – Now you can take a peek at what’s happening inside your RDA that looks good compared to a traditional resistance wire that will look dirty for a certain time used.
  • 600,000 Times Cycle – This cycle is a good lifespan for a single Wafer that will last you a longer vaping with this RDA. Hopefully, they will sell an aftermarket Wafer or just include an extra spare.
  • Tight Airflow – Design to boost and provide a maximum flavor for an RDA while having a Sub-Ohm power of 0.4 ohms.

Package Inclusions:

  •  1x NCR RDA
  • Wafer Heater
  • Thermo Insulation Ring
  • Silicon Rings
  • Spare Parts


For more information on how to use this revolutionary atomizer, check out this page